Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been, and the answer is mostly at home! When we decided to continue homeschooling our children, I opted to stay home with them. My wife, Heather Johnson, DOM, got very busy at her private practice acupuncture clinic during the pandemic, and she continues to proudly serve US Veterans through the Veterans Administration Community Care program. I took my cooking online making creative content and sponsored content for social media. I still do some local printing. Our retail operation has been relocated to Rustic Reflections in Crestview, FL and handmade goods are sold through Heather’s Etsy store https://heatherpj.com

That’s your update! We are still working in our community, just in a little bit different way. See you around! -Dave

I’m Your Guy!

If it’s a party, huge event, or your special day, you want a DJ/Emcee that can handle it all… That’s me! With 20 years of experience, I know how to control the flow of any event for optimal results. The bottom line is that you need someone who will get the job done, and help make your event memorable and fun! Don’t settle for good enough when you can have THE BEST. Team Dave gets it done!

Call me at 850-708-9195, and book me for your big event!

The New Office

Team Dave has a new location for our headquarters! Affectionately called “HQ”, we are happy to have a new multi-use space to handle business in. HQ is actually a house that is located next door to Dr. Heather Johnson, D.O.M. at Johnson Chiropractic Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This is pretty ideal since Dr. Heather and Dave work together often and share the responsibility of taking care of their children. No daycare for these kids, and that’s a situation they both are proud to have created for themselves.

Unlike the previous location, this is a dedicated space for Team Dave to operate and take care of business like building web pages, printing shirts and other goods, create marketing materials, and produce online content for social media. We will gladly meet with clients by appointment, but the location is not open to the public. This allows us to come and go as we need to so we can get things done.

We are excited for this opportunity to re-focus our efforts in a custom designed space that has been set up specifically for Team Dave!

Always There…

… never here. That doesn’t mean a lot isn’t going on at Team Dave. In fact that’s EXACTLY what it means when the website takes a backseat to taking care of the day to day business! I’ve been a busy guy lately. Heather (the wife) and I have been working very hard to develop our brands. I’ve added a new line of soaps and personal products called Black Ops Stink Stopper or BOSS (http://bossstuff.com) and expanded my offering of custom printed merchandise that we sell online (http://heatherpj.com) and in our retail gift shop (http://flfarmersmarket.com). Heather has been expanding her brand Owls & Anchors (http://owlsandanchors.com) and is in the process of setting up our Amazon seller account to expand our sales potential.

Aside from working on physical products for sale, I’ve also been working hard to make a local charity event a success. Cancer Freeze (http://cancerfreeze.org) is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization that helps local people battling cancer in our area. Every year they put on a huge charity event to raise money for the chosen recipients. This year there were 5 recipients, and Cancer Freeze raised over $50,000 to help them in 1 day. Look up the population of Florala, AL, and you will know why this is a major feat! This year a 9 year old young man, Noah, raised $10,699 of that total since I agreed to let them shave my head if he met the $10,000 goal. I’m a lot less hairy as a result.

Currently I am working on developing products that cater to collegiate Greek organizations while doing all the other things I do. Everything is going great, and we are looking forward to getting approved to create licensed apparel and accessories. Stay tuned… We’ll link ya up!

Helping A Fellow Dave

A fellow Dave in Minnesota was viciously attacked and mauled by a bear. His troops were rallied (Calling themselves “Team Dave”) all working together to raise money for Dave and his family to help with his recovery. Someone made an honest mistake and sent all of the media and friendly neighborhood supporters to my personal Facebook profile using the /teamdave extension thinking they would secure it for their Facebook Cause page. Oops! So, for a while, I loaned them my URL to help redirect people. If you are looking for that Team Dave, go here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-Dave/1514857602059389

I am happy that I was able to do a small part in helping the cause of helping a fellow Dave. Best to you, and GO TEAM DAVE!

Getting it done!

I am notorious for taking on other people’s projects and leaving my own in an unfinished state. I suppose that is the nature of creative people, but it’s no excuse for a webmaster to not have a webpage himself! I’ve built so many webpages for others since the inception of Team Dave, and until this very moment, there was nothing at goteamdave.com aside from a logo placeholder. It was my logo, but seriously, that’s just unacceptable!

If you are reading this now, you are probably laughing at my self-neglect, and that’s okay… I’m sorta laughing too. Here’s to more content and keeping it fresh!

Go Team Dave!