The New Office

Team Dave has a new location for our headquarters! Affectionately called “HQ”, we are happy to have a new multi-use space to handle business in. HQ is actually a house that is located next door to Dr. Heather Johnson, D.O.M. at Johnson Chiropractic Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This is pretty ideal since Dr. Heather and Dave work together often and share the responsibility of taking care of their children. No daycare for these kids, and that’s a situation they both are proud to have created for themselves.

Unlike the previous location, this is a dedicated space for Team Dave to operate and take care of business like building web pages, printing shirts and other goods, create marketing materials, and produce online content for social media. We will gladly meet with clients by appointment, but the location is not open to the public. This allows us to come and go as we need to so we can get things done.

We are excited for this opportunity to re-focus our efforts in a custom designed space that has been set up specifically for Team Dave!