Team Dave was never a one man operation, though it seems that it would be. Dave Palmer is a man that is surrounded by talent and creativity! Though Dave himself is a “jack of all trades” kind of guy, there are some people that are masters of their trades, and sometimes you just need a master. Enter Team Dave…

Team Dave is a network of talented, creative types that are all connected to Dave. Having done so many different things over the course of time, he has a lot of associates! In Atlanta, Birmingham, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are associated film makers and camera crews for all of your video needs. Associated professional photographers are scattered all around the country. Webmasters and SEO gurus in Atlanta, Florida’s Panhandle, and New York are ready to meet your Internet presence needs. We have graphic design, business printing, screen printing, embroidery, sporting goods, and promotional goods associates that are ready to produce your projects for your business or team. We even have merchant services representatives to set you up with credit card processing for your business. Team Dave associates even team up for special events when you need more than one service like an emcee, DJ, photographer and videographer all on hand at once.

If you wondered if we could help you with your project or business, chances are, we can!

There are lots of people who can say they could get a lot of these things done for you, but can you trust them to do the job right? Have they proven themselves to be worthy of association with YOU and YOUR project? Our motto is simple: Team Dave get’s it done! Every member of Team Dave has worked directly with Dave on a real world project (or a bunch of them in most cases). If they are associated, they have proven themselves to be reliable, hard working, creative, fairly priced, and (most importantly) they will get the job done and do it well!

You will never be sorry that you hired a Team Dave associate… Ever!

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